Artist Statement

As an artist, I notice subtle qualities in my surroundings – reflected shadows on a water glass, nuances of colour and texture on a rock’s surface, rhythms of afternoon sunlight poring over a dish of fresh fruit. Details easily overlooked by others.

Working from photographic references and carefully arranged still lifes; I transform my observations into tangible artifacts. Painting is a process that lets me bring to life ideas, visions and perspectives I want to share with others. I’m constantly imagining paintings not yet painted.

As a medium of expression, watercolour suits my personality. I love balancing the excitement of spontaneous movement and unexpected effects with the authenticity of meticulous detail and carefully rendered forms.

Intrigued by torn edges and textured surfaces, many of my paintings represent transformation – the passage of time. Seedpods, weathered pots and the crumbling façade of an old building fascinate me. The subjects appear static, but they’re always in transition – poised somewhere between stability and fragility, deconstruction and permanence, structure and transience.