Absence Remembered
oil on canvas, 2007

Limited Edition Giclée Prints
: are not available for Absence Remembered.

Small Open Edition Giclée Prints: These reproductions are not numbered or signed.  All mats and backings are acid free.  All framed prints have UV glass.

  • 9 1/4" x 8" print in 14 1/4" x 13" double taupe and black mat
  • 9 1/4" x 8" double matted print framed in custom black ornate frame (outside dimensions 13" x 14 1/4")
Custom sized reproductions are also available upon request. Please contact Jennifer.

"Like people, buildings have characters – they evoke stories, memories and sentiments. This is the view from the window of a hostel I stayed at in Venice. Drenched in warm evening light, I was moved by the building’s lonely timelessness: the sense of beauty emanating from the slow process of decay. You’ll notice sections of the painting were masked and peeled away to reveal the solid red under paint. This process dimensionally mimics the peeling quality of the plaster on the building walls."