Transparent Watercolour

All of my watercolours use traditional techniques for transparent watercolours. 

Transparency is the quality of watercolours that allows light to pass through glazes of paint to reflect off the paper's surface. Transparency as a classification indicates that no white or opaque gouache paints were used.  In a transparent watercolour, the white of the paper is carefully preserved by the artist wherever white areas are required.

Archival Acrylic Varnish

In some of my recent works, I have eliminated the need to cover my watercolours with glass, by finishing them with an archival acrylic varnish. 

Archival acrylic varnish protects a watercolour painting from UV rays, moisture and dirt. The varnish is spray applied in multiple layers to achieve a well protected, natural finish.  It permanently bonds with the watercolour pigment and paper resulting in an acrylic impregnated image. Varnished watercolour paintings are often referred to as "mixed media", but they retain the visual quality of a watercolour.  Varnishing creates a contemporary presentation where the painting can be experienced directly, without glass.